Meditation: Breathing and Mudras

Workshop Meditation for health.

Breathing and Mudras

Here is what you are going to learn in this workshop

  • Short meditation with great health effects
  • A new unique breathing technique
  • You will learn a technique to easily stay focussed on your breathing while doing your meditations without getting distracted.
  • How to use mudras to heal yourself while using your time in meditation.
  • 5 different health mudras.
  • you will learn what mudras are and what it can do for you. (acupressure points)

First we are going to enjoy a nice cup of tea (Home made Ayurvedic Chai-Tea mix) and we will have a chat to get to know each other.

The workshop will be held in small intimate groups of max. 10 persons.

Tips: What should I bring with me ?

Pen and Paper, loose fitting clothing, comfortable shoes or socks :). The purpose is that you will be comfortabel, and warm and not be distracted. A mat or pillow.

€ 15,- p/p

Make your reservation now.  To make an appointment Press this link.

For more information you can contact me by phone or send me an email: 06-19235018


  • For companies price is exclusive 21% tax.
  • Cancellations; 48 uur before the session is free of charge to reschedule or cancel appointment, after that there will be a 50% charge



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