Into the Vortex, the easy way

Level 1 –

Into the Vortex, the easy way

 2 day training

In this powerful Training you wil learn the basics about sacred geometry, frequencies, sound, color, chakras and emotions all have in common with the law of attraction.

Level 1  is a 2 day course

This training is for people who are healers and especially for people who need more energie in their life. Do you want to learn how to get in touch with their inner being and have paranormal experiences, through different techniques of meditation.

You will be able to use this knowledge in your daily life and have a protective field around you, it will give you more healing power, more energy for yourself and healers you can use this energy in your sessions with your clients.

 Training of 2 day (2 x 3 uur) + Certificate.

You will learn how to create your chakra disc to access energy. In the guided meditation we will visualize fields known as the chakra-disk and reach deep Theta-Trance state.

Frequencies en vibrations, sound and mandalas (sacred geometry).

Fundamentals of understanding color theory.

Learn how to see Aura’s.

Meditation training with breathing and Mudra’s.

Learn how to recognize your intuition and use it in your daily life.

Learn how your higher self communicates with you.

How to build your chakra fields. create your Joy disc, heart chakra disc, and feel the vortex.

Martial arts; Rooting & Grounding lessons, picking up energy from earth and use it

Included in this seminar is a guided meditation (1 hour) You’ll have an OBE experience, where you will meet your higher self / your guardian angel and or deceased loved ones. 95% of the participants have had an OBE experience the first time doing this guided meditation. Experience it for yourself!!!

You will receive in this 2 day training course the guided meditation to use at home and certificate on completion of this training.

  • By doing the Vortex meditation regularly, you will reach very fast very deep trance state
  • You will have more energy because you will know how to root yourself and build this energy up from earth to replenish yourself and others
  • fatigue will diminish
  • health will improve
  • Ask question to your higher self or your guides in you meditation
  • Meetings with other beings
  • Asking advice for life projects and dreams in the vortex
  • Your intuition will increase
  • You will experience it yourself and therefor know that the vortex exist.

ellenmentor seminar1.png


At the end of you training you will have knowledge of outer body experiences, you will receive an certificate and you will be able to teach meditation to others, with use of provided teaching materials.

  • online acces to files

  • online acces to Guided Meditation CD

  • Certificate 

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 2.12.06 PM.png


Seminars can be in English or Dutch (different groups) in Holland, Spain, France, Oman and Dubai.


The Netherlands

in English and Dutch (different groups) training language in Holland

 2 day training

Price: Euro 360 P/p



in English and Dutch (different groups) training language in Oman

 2 day training

Price: Omani Rial 144 p/p


Walk in is at 18:30 we will first enjoy a nice cup of homemade Ayurvedic Chai/tea to welcome everyone. The training are done in small intimate groups of no more then 8 persons, as well as private.

  • For companies price is exclusive 21% tax
  • cancellations; 48 uur before the session is free of charge to reschedule or cancel appointment, after that there will be a 50% charge.

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